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Color Analysis

On the day of your appointment, you're going to feel like a kid on your birthday morning! You’ll go through world-class, science-based system during which I’ll “style” you with precision-dyed fabric drapes. Through this technique, which requires natural light and as such can only be done during the day, I’ll see how your complexion reacts and determine which color family you fall into. There are four that we call your “season:” spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


From there, you will experience the HOC signature 90-second makeup where you will discover a simple set of products that anyone can use, plus the perfect lipstick colors for your season (yes, the perfect lipstick color exists!)  The House of Colour makeup collection is a premium cosmetics line developed and formulated specifically to compliment your season so you can be confident that every single color assigned to your season loves you . 

(Make-up is not done for a men’s appointment, unless requested.)


Once we determine your season, we will go through each color in your spectrum to help you learn more about how you can best use those colors in your wardrobe. You'll leave with a personalized color palette, renewed confidence, and the clarity of knowledge of what to do next to bring your best colors to life. In the long run, knowing your colors will save you money & time!


You’ll take home a leather wallet with all of your colors of your season, as well as a thorough information booklet! Plus you’ll have me – your color coach- to help you live empowered in your season.

*Color Analysis must be done in person*



Together we’ll go through a comprehensive process that considers your lifestyle, what you want to communicate through your clothing, your body’s proportions (not weight!), your personality and more to help create a prescriptive roadmap for the wardrobe that works for you. You will discover how your body architecture helps dictate what style of clothing will naturally look best on you. Your personality is also taken into account because authenticity is part of creating a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, authority and beauty. After the appointment, you’ll know the right accessories, patterns and textures that will work best to develop and complement your

Personal Style.


This analysis is available for all genders, ages 16 and up. 


Style analysis can be done 100% virtually or in person ! You can find more information and appointment

availability on the link below!

Style Analysis

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Once we know your color and style personality, cleaning out your closet, and bringing it all into harmony will actually be FUN and not stressful. In a closet clean-out or wardrobe consult, I’ll work with you to get the items out of your closet :) and/or help you decide what - if anything - you ACTUALLY need to build out a well-rounded set of clothing, accessories & shoes for your lifestyle.

Color Analysis
Style/ Clothing Personality Analysis
Closet Clean-Out / Wardrobe Consult

Closet Clean-Out /

Wardrobe Consult


Personal Shopping


Looking for someone to help you actually SHOP for the things that you’re looking for to build your wardrobe? Want to be sure the colors of the clothes are best for your season and clothing personality? Then you’ll want to have me as your personal shopper!
Digital closet services range from a monthly subscription plan (think of a digital ‘box’ delivered to your in-box each month with full outfits, seasonal specials and more) to shopping for specific trips, events or looks.

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Personal Shopping

Keep the Fun Going!

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